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Shishir Gupta is an author who maintains an incredibly low profile and never indulges in any media hype or promotion to extend or beam light his works. His works tend to speak for themselves to those who happen to chance upon them and then flip through the pages. It seems that it is reported that these works are astoundingly unique and unputdownable category. His recent release "An Expensive Date- A laughing Riot-Vol I" is an exemplary instance in mention. This book raises the kind of humor that you would rarely come across. It is well thought out and a humor that tickles you so much deep down that you end up LOL,ROFL screaming "I am LMFAO". Those who have purchased this book(paperback) are running their private circulations centered around one copy and such copy has left original buyer and not come back fro two months having exchanged 60 hands already. Yet many have gone to their public libraries and recommended for an emergent purchase of this book for widest circulation and satisfaction.This is the quality of the work that this author delivers. A complete and professional value delivery to the buyer.

The array of writing skills of Shishir Gupta is as amazing as the quality of finally delivered product. He covers extensively poetics that impact your psyche and thoughts so radically that you do ponder that some lifetime change is taking place inside. One needs to read through his poetic works to be able to appreciate this. All appear to be cataloged at Amazon and a mere search would get you to the many works of this elusive yet brilliant author.

While the list of past works would amaze you and freshly pressed works are being excerpted by the author at a few blogging websites, and, it appears through some agents cum collaborators. Kindly check all you can on this author NOW.

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